Thank you for your interest of wanting beautiful photos as memories of you, your family and loved ones.  Located in Tuolumne county,  I specialize in family and portrait photography.   I believe in documenting  the unforced connections and authentic emotions of the real every day you and your family, The soul of each person, that combines to make the perfectly imperfect beautiful unit that they are.  

My mini sessions run 30 minutes and include 20 digital files and are on a limited bases through out the year.  For an hour session, please inquire for more information.


My clients come to me and recommend me for photos because they know I look for the same moments I love having with my littles and my husband. I don't care if the shoes or pants are dirty, if your little is running around playing, doesn't have hair perfect or may not be in the best of moods. I will capture every little moment that we let slip so easily between our hands as they grow. The laughter, the tears, the connection, the hand holding, the beauty of the childhood and family that our beautifully imperfect lives hold. My desire for you to see past the perfection of portraits and embrace the beauty of connection and the beautiful mess that motherhood, fatherhood, childhood, parenthood and family involves. 

Your experience, told in amazing moments. I want those little fingers holding yours, the wild curls in your childs hair, the moments that make you a family, to be the ones to be photographed and presented to you as a timeless heirloom tangible memory. 

So my goal for you? To stop with being wanting everything so perfect, and embrace this glorious season that God has provided you with your family. Hold tight to those tears, the games, the holding hands, the hugs and the silly moments. Let's look past the perfectly posed photos under the tree, and run through the fields instead.

the experience