You may know me or my work through the weddings that my husband and I have the joy to document.  I'm here to tell you a bit more about the portrait photography side of my work and what it's like working with me.   My own personal life with my family constantly shows me the beautiful imperfect mess that we, as humans, are.   And because I love every moment of my life with my little's, I do my best to capture those little chaotic, beautiful moments with you and your little's, your spouse, your family.

I've been a portrait and story telling photographer for 10  years. I started with families, grew into only weddings and started to re kindle the stories with families again.   With my own growing family (two children, ages 9 and 6) and a loving husband, I cherish the little moments with our family. I prefer those imperfect messy moments over any perfect family all smiling at the camera any day and my staircase is filled with these type of memories. I want your walls to tell the same, messy, imperfect perfect childhood moments, connection with your spouse, or the soulful story behind your studio portrait.

Now a bit more about me...

I love my coffee and my cute little coffee bar on my antique table in our new home in Columbia, CA. I have a love for upcycling and refurbishing home decor and furniture and even woodworking! (yes, that kitchen island, the entry table and herringbone bench in my house were my creations! Some day my husband and I hope to venture into one of our other dreams: boutique decor store, a coffee shop and an intimate wedding venue! (because, why not!?!) My homemade salted caramel sauce and candies are a must for every christmas giving tradition and I love doing as much homemade cooking as possible. (can never do store bought corn and flour tortillas. again!!!!) Our home is filled with belly laughter, 2 dogs, three cats, a rabbit (and I'm sure one day goats and a horse), lots of running around, child hood tears, a messy home filled with lots of memories, moments of parenthood, and lots of Jesus. My little crazy love bugs are the reason my passion for documentary family portraits keeps growing. I want everyones walls and memories to be filled with what I see in my family with their own family